Can A Free Classified Submission Service Help You

Can A Free Classified Submission Service Help You

Are you submitting all of your classified ads manually? Then you’re just wasting your valuable time and essentially money and energy. Instead, you should you should consider utilizing a classified ad submission service to submit your ads. Today, we’ll discuss the 5 main reasons why you should utilize a free ad submission service.

1. A Classified Ad Submission Service Helps Save Time!

Classified ads are among the most effective ways to drive traffic and generate sales. Contrary to traditional web adverts, visitors who search through advertisements are already inside the “buying” mentality, meaning they are prone to purchase something than people just surfing for information. A classified ad submission service helps in submitting your ads to thousands of such sites thus saving you time and energy.

2. If You Use A Free ad Submission Service Your Ads Will probably be Automatically Re-Submitted Once they Rotate From the Advertising Boards

There are some pitfalls many people face when submitting advertisements manually, one of which is the run-length. Depending on the service, most advertisements expire after a 30-day period. Once that period is over, you have to manually renew or develop a new ad. For some, this might not be an issue, however, if you’re made to manually renew a huge selection of ads every so often, it may be a serious time-consuming issue. This is where a free ad submission service can help you. It will handle each of the ads for renewal and keep your ads running. 

3. A Classified Ad Submission Service Can Help You Create Quality Inbound links

As you might know, backlinks are probably the most critical factors to create web presence. It’s proven that both the number of backlinks as well as the quality of sites they come from are two factors which greatly affect your authority and rankings in the search engines. A free ad submission services can help you accomplish this by generating a lot of backlinks on high-traffic free ad websites. These backlinks won’t generate traffic from shoppers clicking the hyperlink, however your website will naturally rank higher on the internet, allowing you to see more traffic overall.

4. Classified Ad Submissions Get Your Ad Facing Prospects Who’re Inside a Buying Mentality

No matter what form of products or services your website offers, you will need traffic to be successful. You can find lots of ways of getting visitors to your site, but you’ll find nearly all are either too expensive or junk traffic. Ever see those advertisements from traffic brokers offering 5,000 visitors for $19.99? These types of places that slam you with low-quality traffic may not be a genuine human visitor. This is the reason nearly 90% of customers who purchase this kind of bulk traffic don’t return for an additional purchase.

5. Classified Ad Submission Services are A High-Quality Low-Cost Alternative To PPC Advertising

Many new advertisers try their luck with Pay per click. Pay-per-click (PPC) program is one of the oldest and finest in the industry, serving countless advertisers worldwide. But while their traffic is high-quality, it’s oftentimes very costly unless you you’re in a business with deep pockets. With regards to the keyword(s) and position you’re targeting, you might see prices just as much as $2 or $3 per click. Rack up a couple of hundred clicks a day and that’s one pricey advertising bill.

A classified ad submission service offers high-quality traffic with a low price. If you’re currently spending a few hundred dollars every month on Adwords or any other advertising programs, think about the money you’ll save by switching to classifieds.

The Art Of Placing Free Online Classified Ads

The Art Of Placing Free Online Classified Ads

Not all free online classified ad sites are created equal. Focus on a few good online classified ad sites and post the ads regularly only in these sites. The first page containing ten to fifteen results from a “Google” search for free online classified ads indicates they are the most popular sites in free online classified ad sites. Select only those sites asking little personal information before permitting you to post your free online classified ads.

Restrict the size of your free online classified ad to around eighty words. Highlight the benefits of your products and services to the viewers of your free online classified ads. Action words, which request the reader to do something, along with keyword filled title and a concise text to grab the attention is a must when you post free online classified ads. If the site is promoting too many similar products to yours, write the ad title and copy in such as way so that it stands out in the crowd of these free online classified ads.

Renew the ad in the online classified ad sites every couple of days since the latest ads are placed first in the list. If you don’t renew periodically your ad will be buried somewhere deep in the jungle of all these free ads resulting in waste of time and efforts.

Stick on to relevant category of the product or service you are promoting instead of spamming it in all categories. If multiple posting is done, try to use copies with slightly modified titles and contents more appropriate to the region or state where the free ad will be appearing. When you are adding a banner or photo in your free online classified ad, ensure the dimension and size of your image files are conforming to the acceptable limits offered by that particular site. Otherwise, the images might not be displayed properly. If product photos are to be displayed in your free online classified ads, use a good digital camera to take the photo and convert it to “JPEG” to reduce the size of the file before you upload it.

The above tricks and tips will help you post a free online classified ad successfully. Make sure the title and copy stands out with good photos and clear writing. Keep the ad right to the point and short. Readers pay only a few seconds of their time and within that period, you should try to grab their attention.

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