Selling a digital product is the best way to earn a passive income. Simply create or find a digital product to sell, create a “sales page” to promote said product, and then use advertising or marketing strategies to drive more visitors to that sales page.

This is a very “hands-off” way of earning a passive income that will generate money while you sleep-and you don’t even have to worry about delivering a product!

The issue is that this is limited in scope. You will eventually exhaust the market for your product and discover that the cost of advertising begins to outweigh the profit from your sales.

That is why many people are interested in earning money from a website. That way, they can create their own brand, build a large audience, and then sell products that they are passionate about and proud of.

But is it even possible? Can you really earn passive income from a website? How much time will it take? Let us find out…

Here is a bonus video that shows you a simple Google trick that can earn you a passive income of $5000+

Step 1: The Strategy To Earn Passive Income

The Difficulty

There are several obstacles that you might face when trying to earn passive income initially from a website. It can be difficult at the start, but with the right strategy, you will achieve your goals.

To begin with, you will notice that the money you make from advertisements such as Google Ads is not truly comparable to the money you can make from a digital product. Ads typically pay a few cents per click, and the majority of your visitors will not click on them frequently. This is especially true nowadays, with so many people using ad blockers and other similar programmes.

Another issue is that building a large audience on a website can take a long time and a lot of effort. You’ll be competing with the rest of the web, and many of the creators you’ll be competing with will have massive advertising budgets.

Step 2: The Approach – Identify A Niche

However, as with most things, the key is to work’smart, not hard.’

That means starting with the right niche. By choosing the right niche to enter, you can avoid facing massive competition (as you might if your niche was something broad like ‘fitness,’ for example), while also ensuring there is enough demand for what you’re selling.

Choose a niche with clear products to sell to a specific audience and avoid the most intense competition.

The right strategy is to recognise that you need enough content to climb Google’s ranks, and that this content must be of high quality. This is where it can be difficult to keep your model ‘passive,’ but the solutions are to either hire someone to create the content for you, or to spend some time writing a lot of content and posting it gradually over time.

First, you must identify niches with some traffic. You should conduct research on how many searches are done for specific key phrases using standard tools such as Google Keyword Planner.

The key is to find topics that people search for, and advertisers sell to these people using Pay-Per-Click marketing and other online advertising methods. Your niche content site facilitates the meeting of these two groups, and you collect a middleman fee through the use of search engines for traffic and advertising programmes for a monetization system.

Step 3: Check For Competitors

Once you’ve identified a few latent niches, search those key phrases to see what comes up. If the natural search result sites that appear are poorly optimised, and you are confident that a site with well-optimized content will quickly rise to the top of the rankings, you have found your first candidate for a niche content site.

Step 4: Create A Website

WordPress is a blog content management system that is powered by a PHP/MySQL backend. It’s very simple to set up, handles the majority of the search engine optimization for you, and all you have to do is plug in the content and you’re ready to go.

A plain static HTML site may be more appropriate in some cases, such as when you only need a microsite with a few pages and it would be easier to set up the few pages using an HTML template design.

Step 5: Get Content

The most difficult aspect of creating a niche site is coming up with content because most people have no interest in or experience with it. For those who aren’t the writing type and can’t waffle on and bang out a few key pages of content by utilizing what’s already available online, the following options are available.

Use articles from open article repositories like Articles and Go Articles. Writers contribute articles to these sites, which you can republish on your own site as long as you credit the author. The author’s byline remains intact The disadvantage is that others can do the same, and your article will not be unique. However, if your niche is small enough, there will not be many other people discussing the subject.

Republishing Wikipedia content is another popular method. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. Your obscure niche content site topic is likely to have some entries in the Wiki, and you can republish the content on your site under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Freelance writers from all over the internet are eager to accept your money in exchange for their writing abilities. Elance is the largest online freelancer marketplace; others include Odesk, Fiverr. Listing your article writing project there will result in a flood of responses. Most writers are capable of producing content on almost any topic, even if they simply rewrite someone else’s work. A few thousand words should not be too expensive. If you intend to use a good writer’s services again, try to build a long-term relationship with them.

Step 6: Monetize And Earn Passive Income

Here are some ways to make money and earn passive income from a website, whether you have an existing website that you want to monetize or you plan to build a new website to generate an additional stream of income.


i) Collect Donations

This is the simplest method of monetizing a website, but it is usually the least effective. You may come across some great websites with amazing content that rely on donations, but they may not be a reliable way to make money from a website. If you want to make money, you should probably come out of your shell and go for it.

ii) Become An Amazon Affiliate

The promotion of products on your website in exchange for a small (4 percent to 8 percent) commission could become profitable in the long run. This is the easiest way to make money online, but only if you can sell a lot of inexpensive items or a few expensive items. But don’t be deceived; small things can add up to big bucks, and all you have to do is remember to include your affiliate link in your relevant content.

What happens to a digital goods affiliate? You can earn a high (50 percent or more) commission on ebooks, automated online training, and other digital products. In order to make any sales, the products you advertise must usually perfectly match your niche.

iii) Create Your Own Digital Product

Ebooks can be short if they are concise, and you can create a 5-hour video course in a single afternoon by simply speaking into your webcam. Creating your own course ensures that it perfectly matches your niche, increasing the likelihood that visitors will purchase it.

iv) Google Ads And Other Forms Of Automated Advertising

This is simple, but only profitable if visitors to your site are likely to purchase high-margin products and services via advertising links.

v) Non-Automated Marketing

If you happen to run into the same company that keeps buying ads on your site, you can ask them to advertise in bulk for a discount. You get guaranteed income and they get a better rate this way.

vi) Participate In A Joint Venture

Collaborate with your top advertisers to develop a product, service, or pitch tailored to your specific audience. The advertiser benefits from increased conversion rates on your website, and you profit from each sale. Just make sure you work with the real deal.

vii) Make A List And Use It

Make a weekly email newsletter to convert infrequent visitors into regular readers. The more people who read your content, the more opportunities you have to sell to them. Even if you create an auto-responder series for your readers, keep it interesting and give, give, give. This is one of the most effective ways to earn passive income, as they say the money is in the list. You can beat a recession and a pandemic with this one single strategy.

viii) Make A Forum

Encourage people to join your niche’s forum. Active forum members will return to your forum on a daily basis, providing you with additional opportunities to sell to them. People who join a specific niche forum are very interested in the subject.

Make a paid subscription forum where people can help one another. An excellent way to monetize a niche that assists people in becoming more effective.

ix) Sell your target audience.

People will pay you to promote their products and services on your well-known website. This is a personalized form of advertising, but it usually necessitates a large audience or one that is likely to purchase high-end products and services.

x) Make Webinars

You can charge your audience to attend a webinar, which is a live online training session or inspirational speech. All you need is an hour in front of a webcam and some bandwidth.

Make an offline event. If your webinars are consistently successful, you should be able to host a conference. You can easily collect $500, $1,000, or more per person from dozens or hundreds of attendees for the cost of renting a few hotel rooms and hiring a few speakers from your niche.

If you are simply not good at public speaking, find another skill that you excel at. For a fee, address in someone else’s webinar or offline event. To command high rates, leverage your authority as the owner of a successful website in your niche. People who like your speech will also like you and visit your website more frequently.

xi) Sell Artifacts

If you use collectible material to create your website, do not simply archive or discard it. Sell them to your target audience. Many webcomics, for example, sell the hand-drawn panels used to create each comic. Hardware review sites have the ability to sell the devices they test, sometimes at a higher price than the retail price.

xii) Sell Products

People sometimes identify themselves with brands they like by wearing t-shirts and other goods with that brand’s signature logo or appearance.

Opportunities and avenues are endless to earn passive income from website. You just need to have the right strategy and the action points in place to start making money.