Do you drink enough water to lose weight? Is there a connection between drinking water and burning fat? Yes, and it’s backed up by scientific evidence. Drinking water with food helps to bulk up our food, sending signals to the brain that we are full, causing us to eat less. Water also aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals found in our food. Fat, for example, requires water to be broken down and used by the body. Water also aids in the removal of waste from our bodies, allowing us to maintain optimal health.

Tip #1 : Drink Only Plain Water.

So, how much should you drink and when should you drink it? Drink at least 2 litres of water per day, and more on hot days. Consumption should be spread out throughout the day. There is no need to drink bottled water because tap water is perfectly safe in most areas. If you prefer the bottled variety, avoid the flavoured ones. These products contain sweeteners that are not beneficial to weight loss and may cause cancer.

Tip #2: Drink Water In Sufficient Quantity.

You will feel lethargic, tired, and confused if you do not drink enough water. Your body may misinterpret your thirst as hunger, causing you to overeat. In fact, by the time you feel thirsty, your body has already begun to dehydrate, so why should you drink enough water? At first, you may find that you need to use the restroom more frequently, but your body will quickly adjust to the increased volume.

Water aids in the improvement of your body’s functions. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis aids the kidneys in flushing out waste products more effectively. Your metabolism is boosted by drinking plenty of water, which aids in weight loss. This improves the body’s ability to function, increasing the likelihood of weight loss.

Tip #3: Drink Water Before Meals

One study discovered that drinking 2 cups of water before meals helped middle-aged and older people lose weight. The study found that people who drank water before meals lost 5 pounds more than those who didn’t over the next 12 weeks.

Tip #4 : Exercise Every Day.

Water alone will not win your weight loss battle. Changes must be made in other areas as well, such as your diet and the amount of exercise you do. You should aim to exercise for at least twenty minutes per day. Walking 10,000 steps per day is one effective way to burn calories.

Any type of exercise is beneficial, so find something you enjoy doing. Gather a group of friends to play tennis or golf. Combining socialisation and exercise is an excellent way to increase your physical activity. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, standing instead of sitting, and getting off the bus/subway at the stop before yours all help.

Tip #5 : Avoid fast food restaurants.

It’s pointless to drink lots of water and exercise if you’re still eating fast food every day. You must retrain your palate and improve your diet. Take it slowly at first. Replace your favourite unhealthy food with something nutritious. Replace your chicken nuggets with a salad. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables while decreasing your intake of cakes, candy, and bad fats. Try smoothies and shakes. You will not only lose weight, but your skin will also thank you.

Bonus Tip

The link between drinking water and weight loss will also help to give you glowing skin, and you will quickly become the envy of your friends when you show off your new slimmer figure at the next social event.

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