Video marketing is the latest buss and is creating ripples in the internet marketing world. These days, it is just not enough to create videos with content. It is equally important to check the quality of videos, the editing style applied while creating the video, the effects and impact on the minds of the audience. At the same time, these videos must be engaging and VIDEZE is here to do just that.

So what’s the hype? What is so special about Videze?

To suvive competition, you need catchy marketing videos that will make the viewer’s eyeballs rolling. With Videze you can create live animated videos without having to be a professional video animator and you will never let your viewers know it.

Why Videze?

Access to unlimited readymade templates. Customize these templates how you want it. And best of all, for editing these templates you don’t need to have any prior experience in video editing. You don’t even have to hire expensive editors. You can edit them within the software and create superior quality videos that for sure, will grab the attention of viewers.

Use animated logos. Select from a wide range of 2D and 3D premium quality logos. Customize them with your own text to create the logo which is just right for you.

Create live animated videos. Create live 3D animated videos in a few clicks! Customize the videos with your own logos, text, images and audio. All the video templates are of premium quality. End-result: Super catchy Hollywood style animated videos that will power up your business and gain leads and customers in no time.

Explainer videos. Power up your explainer videos with interactive scenes, kinetic typography, images..

Whiteboard videos. Dive deep into creativity using engaging character animations, images and sleek backgroundsSlideshows and Promotional videos.

Slideshows and Promotional Videos. Select a wide range of high-converting promotional video to promote your business or anything under the sun.

Watermark. Watermark your videos and protect your brand. This allows you to safeguard your videos against snoopers and tricksters.

Cloud based. Since this is 100% cloud-based, it does not matter where you are working from. The device can access the web and do all your editing work while you are on-the-go!

Pricing and OTO

Videze for Commercial Purposes at $47

Videze Personal License at $37

OTO 1 — Videze Monthly Templates Club at $47 / Month

OTO 2 — Videze Academy at $97