Acai berry is a lovely fruit that has become very popular for its benefits and nutrient values. This fruit was first introduced in the global market in 1990.

Although it was used by health insiders previously it was really brought to our attention only recently by anti-aging expert and doctor, Dr. Nicolas Perricone, who was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. Now other Hollywood celebrities have also begun to endorse it.

The Acai Berry is often called a “Superfood” due to its dense nutritional qualities and numerous health benefits.

So are you interested to know more about these magical Acai berries?

Well, Acai berry really hasn’t been around long enough outside of South America. The Acai fruit only grows high atop a plant in the Amazon basin of South America and the locals have known about it for centuries where it’s known for its numerous health benefits and healing powers.

Researches are being conducted on this miracle fruit. The initial research and studies conducted at the University of Florida and Science Daily on the acai berry looks very positive. This berry is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, has a cholesterol lowering effect and helps to maintain a healthy heart. It has a very positive effect on cardiovascular disease, anti-aging, cancer and weight loss.

Health Benefits of Acai fruit include:

anti-aging protection
protection against cardiovascular heart disease
protection against degenerative diseases such as cancer
helps to keep arteries from hardening
reduces and maintains cholesterol level
mental clarity and focus
increased energy levels and vitality
increased immune system to ward off colds, flu and other diseases
healthier looking skin
improved vision
improved blood circulation
detoxifies the body
better sleep
enhanced weight loss

There is no doubt that the acai berry is one of the finest fruits available because of its nutritious value. To get the benefits, all you have to do is get yourself a pack of acai berry today!