You Must Know This For The Law of Attraction To Work

Those who believe in the Law of Attraction will tell you that it can bring incredible benefits to our lives; but they can’t really explain how or why, at least not in any terms that would be accepted by the physicists.

If you have not heard of the Law of Attraction before, then read on… And if you’ve heard about it before, you’re in for a surprise because today we are going to tell you something what probably nobody would have told.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that whatever we think about the most is what we attract into our lives. So, if you think of yourself as a rich person, you will attract riches to you. If you are depressed, you will attract more depression. It’s called a law because advocates of this thinking will tell you that it can’t be switched off; it’s always working in your life whether you like it or not. They will tell you it is a natural law, just as gravity or Newton’s laws are natural (unbreakable) laws.

On a psychological level, rather than you attracting things into your life or altering reality to conform to your wishes, what happens is that as you imbue your subconscious mind with your goal and what you want, your subconscious guides your thoughts and actions in such a way that you move toward what you desire. Thus, you call people with whom you haven’t spoken in a while and end up making a good contact; you find yourself in different situations that benefit you; or you begin seeing opportunities where before you saw nothing.

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Consider this: Everything you know about the world came to you through your five senses. Every single piece of information on the world around you came to you in this way. And of course, this is true for you, me and everyone else in the world. The rich person and the poor person both take in information in the same way; as do sick people and healthy people.

Let’s take the pursuit of wealth as an example. Okay, some people are born to riches but many are not. Some people have pulled themselves out of the worst poverty to become incredibly wealthy. How are these people able to do that when so many people struggle with making ends meet? Is it luck? If you are going to believe in luck you might as well believe in the Law of Attraction!

The fact is, opportunities surround all of us all of the time. Life is complex! The societies we create make it even more so. Within that complexity, there are limitless opportunities for creating wealth (or achieving anything else your heart desires for that matter). The problem with most people is, if they see an opportunity to get something they want, they will only go that way if they believe they can succeed. In other words, we move our lives toward that which we think about. Or to be more accurate, we move our lives toward that which we ‘believe’ ourselves capable of. It’s not magic!

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Instead of you attracting things into your life, you are moving toward them. Instead of the Universe bestowing “gifts” upon you or you altering the cosmic fabric of reality in order to “manifest” what you desire, you are moving and working toward what you want and when you get it, you’ve earned it.

When you begin using the Law of Attraction this way, you will see yourself achieving your wants and goals. It will take persistence, determination, and knowing exactly what you want, but it does work and it will help you.

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When you begin to look at the psychological aspects of this mind stuff and remove from it the dogmatic, pseudo-religious aspect, you will find yourself achieving and attaining more than you ever thought that you could. In other words, when you achieve something, you will know that your thoughts and actions yielded your results and that you earned what you attained. Likewise, if something bad should befall you, you won’t necessarily doubt and question yourself with useless thoughts; you will realize that sometimes we attract unfavorable events because of unwanted thoughts rooted deeply at subconscious level.

Instead of “attracting” what we think about, which is dubious and generally unprovable, we move toward what we think about, which can be seen to happen every time we put it to a test.

If we see the world as full of opportunities and riches, then we will find ourselves in those circumstances and we will be ready when those times come. If we view the world as dark with the chips stacked against us, then we will assuredly act accordingly.

On a smaller scale, if we hear “through the grapevine” that a person is mean and tough, when we meet that person with those preconceptions in mind we act accordingly. Our subconscious mind does its best to ensure that we act in such a way that we bring the “mean” out of the person. Thus, how do you think the situation would be different if we were told that the person was a nice person? Chances are likely that our actions would evince niceness from said person.

Let this Law help you in attracting your desires and move you to take actions in achieving those desires.

The power is within you. Use it and experience miracle every day!

Believe in it! It works!!

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