Healthy eating is all about balanced and moderate eating, consisting of healthy meals at least three times per day. Being a health freak isn’t about learning to calculate grams or fat, or about studying labels and counting calories. 

Eating healthy requires quite a bit of leeway. You might eat too much or not enough, consume foods that are sometimes more or less nutritious. What is important, is that you should always fuel your body and your brain regularly with enough food to keep both your mind and body strong and alert. Those who ear healthy know the type of food they eat, and the effect that it will have on their bodies.

Do you know that you can easily find out persons who are unable to take control of their eating? Asking how?

Well, those with irregular food habits are also likely to get out of control with other aspects of life as well. They could end up spending too much, talking too much, even going to bed late.

You should always remember that restricting food in any way is always a bad thing. Healthy eating is a way of life, something that you can do to enhance your body or your lifestyle. If you’ve thought about making your life better, healthy eating is just the place to start. You’ll make life easier for yourself, those around you, and even your family.

So how on earth do we eat healthy? Healthy foods are supposed to be bland with no taste or flavor. You definitely don’t like foods that taste like cardboard.

Here are some tips to eat healthy with foods that taste good:

1. Fruits like strawberries, watermelon, oranges, bananas and blueberries are all loaded with vitamins and minerals and taste good. You can eat as many of these as you want. Add them into your meals as side items. Add some frozen blueberries into your morning oatmeal or cereal to add some healthy taste to your breakfast.

2. Have you tried granola? Granola is a healthy combination of whole grains, nuts, honey and dried fruits like cranberries and raisins and coconut. Some flavors of granola also combine flax seed which contains omega 3 fatty acids which are essential to your body’s daily functioning. You can combine it with yogurt to give it some crunch. Eating granola instead of a candy bar is a healthy snack alternative.

3. Sodas and diet sodas. Neither one is good for you. So avoid them. Replace them with healthy drinks – the best one being water. But water can be bland. Try adding some 100% grape juice to give it a sweet flavor. Or try adding some lemon juice to give it a bit of a sour flavor. You can dilute any fruit juice with water to get the sweetness you want without all the calories. Even though grape juice is healthy for you, it does contain a lot of sugars.

4. Avoid empty calorie foods. This includes most alcoholic drinks. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram compared to 9 calories per gram for fat and 4 calories per gram for carbs. Red wine is the only alcoholic drink you can consume due to its health benefits. One to two glasses a day is enough to get the health benefits.

5. Read the labels. Be sure to read the food labels and see just exactly how much you can eat that constitutes as a serving. Here’s an example: eating a piece of dark chocolate everyday is good for your heart but the serving size on a Hershey’s bag is 4 pieces which adds up to over 200 calories when all you need is half of one piece to get the heart benefits. Take the time to read the labels and watch the calories.

These tips are just a start. Eat healthy, stay strong!