Spring wardrobe…ummm !!

It’s time to pack away your thick cotton-padded clothes and embrace spring with colorful lightweight spring clothing. But do you know how to spice up your spring and summer wardrobe without breaking your budget? In order to help women get out of this dilemma, I think you can add a few new looks in your wardrobe. Flirty polka dots are a good way to add charm to your attire. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions that I learned and they may be helpful to you.

Flowers add drama to your attire  
Floral accessories and clothing are all the rage. You can add a floral belt to your loose frock which could give people a fresh and elegant impression. Try pairing a floral scarf with your ordinary clothing or spice up your wardrobe with a floral top. This knack can make your simple dress look more flattering! And floral accessories always have a power of invoking the feeling of spring instantly.

Spice up the deep color dresses and pants
Add a zing to your ordinary deep color dress and pants with a pair of perfect high-heeled shoes. Meanwhile, you can add some sheer to your wardrobe! It is truly in style in this spring.

Spice up your wardrobe with your necklaces
Necklace is a magical accessory to match your ordinary dress. It is the most flattering way for women who want to be stylish. At the same time, it is a good way to update your look. Another effective way is wearing a sundress with a suitable necklace that will instantly turn the breezy sundress into a versatile dress.

Add your wardrobe with some skinny belts
Skinny belts are all the rage this year. You can enjoy a completely new feel by simply adding a skinny belt to your dress. This trick can also make your simple dress look more flattering and beautiful.

With these ideas, you don’t need to worry about how to spice up your wardrobe in this season.

Folks, it’s time you flatter your spring wardrobe..!