Eyes are the window to your soul.

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and reacts differently from areas in other other parts of the body. Agree?

Then let’s explore the skin around the eye. The skin that covers the eyes is that part of the skin that covers the eye socket. It covers from the bridge of your nose to the temples and from the eyebrows to the bones under the eyes. The eye skin is the thinnest skin on your face with very small pores.

This leads us to a false conclusion that using the same moisturizer on your skin for also moisturizing around your eyes is okay.

It’s not okay.

Skin moisturizers are too rich and may cause a break-out of small whiteheads that may have to be extracted by a professional skin care practitioner. Also, most skin moisturizers could migrate towards your eyes causing irritation.

The best moisturizers for the eyes are specialized eye cream formulas. They are much lighter than skin moisturizers while still providing a good level of moisturizing to the eye area. The best creams are the ones that are both firm and energize along with moisturizing.

I practice the following ‘daily eye cream moisturizing routine’ and must say, the results are remarkable.

1. You want to do this in the morning and evening–make it a part of your morning and evening routine.

2. Apply a “very small” amount of moisturizer to the skin with a light tapping motion around the eye.

3. Starting at the outer edge of the eye (from the temple), tap the eye cream toward the eye (the nose bridge area).

4. Next tap the eye moisturizer cream on the upper eyelid, moving from the nose bridge area towards the area near the temples.



1. Be careful when you apply the eye cream that you do not get the cream too close to your eyelashes.

2. Do not use Retin-A because it can migrate and cause irritation that may damage your eyes.

Now if you have “Baggy eyes”..not to worry.

A couple of quick fixes would solve the problem.

Use slices of cold potato or green tea bags that have been soaked in cool water placed over the eyes while lying down for about 10 or 12 minutes.

You can also sleep with your head elevated. This helps slow down the amount of water and waste that tend to accumulate under the eye. When you get up, you can use a firming cream that will firm the skin and reduce the baggy look.

Cutting back on caffeine, alcohol, diet drinks and salt will help. Especially if these drinks have been a major part of your lifestyle.

If after trying all the above you still have baggy eyes, you may want to check to see if you have any food allergies, especially for yeast, dairy, and wheat. Finding an allergy and then making the necessary lifestyle change along with the above ‘daily eye cream moisturizing routine’ will help lessen your baggy eyes.

What to do about Crow’s feet and fine lines?

First, realize that no matter what you do, we all will get Crow’s feet. But by keeping this particular area well moisturized along with using an exfoliate will help the flexibility of the skin and allow you to keep on smiling.

For fine lines, in addition to using a hydrating moisturizer, use a firming cream that will diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Now for the dark circles, let us understand the reasons first.

Dark circles under the eyes can occur for two reasons:

(1) There could be a hereditary influence.

(2) An excess of a lifestyle that may include dancing and partying all night long; watching TV or working/playing on a computer for a long time; excessive drinking; lack of sleep and other body-challenging lifestyles.

The cause for darkness around the eyes is because too much bodily wastes have accumulated in this area. The best way to lighten the darkness is to massage the area around your eyes to help stimulate the lymph. Drink lots of water to help your body to naturally detox itself. And finally, try doing Yoga exercises. The stretching and poses can really help clear up the circles under your eyes. You may need to give Yoga a couple of months before you see any results.

If you need to clear up the skin under your eyes and you’re short on time, you could try a concealer that will give your skin around your eyes a slight reflection that will make your eyes appear fresh and full of vigor.