Cinnamon is the New Medical Powerhouse To Control Blood Sugar

Research on the health benefits of cinnamon has shown potential for treating diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and even HIV.   Cinnamon is one of the world’s most popular spices, enjoyed in numerous dishes. Little do we know about this wonder herb. Harvested from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen plant, cinnamon has been […]

Your Own Amazon Affiliate Store 100% Viral In Under 10 Minutes

Starting business through ecommerce is an excellent way to provide you with additional income when marketing. With the increasing popularity in today’s world for online shopping, you can reap the benefits of starting business through ecommerce. Tap into the power of Shopabot and discover for yourself the fun of ‘living’ ecommerce. Ecommerce will allow you […]

Profit From Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing? As the name suggests, it’s a way of spreading your marketing message from person to person, rather like the flu virus is passed on. You give the germ to, say 5 friends/colleagues/family members, who in turn each pass on the bug to 5 more (5×5=25), who then spread it to another […]

This Diet Will Make You Go Nuts

In recent years there has been growing evidence that adding nuts to your diet will give you a healthier heart. It is also known that substituting foods that have saturated fats with ones that have unsaturated fats is better for your overall health. Nuts contain these unsaturated fatty acids that the body requires to function […]

Weight Loss Myths Busted!

Losing weight can be challenging more so if we are constantly bombarded with the misinformation about weight loss that have over the years transformed into beliefs without any factual base. I therefore thought these common myths need to be debunked and busted.  Are you ready? Let’s investigate.. Myth # 1-Don’t Eat After 7 pm If […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Video Marketing

The question every internet marketer asks; how do I use video to get more traffic to my website? And how to increase the level of sales with the use of a single tool, how to automate one’s website traffic in order to generate a large number of targeted leads or one’s business and how to […]

For That Pair Of Beautiful Eyes!

CARE FOR YOUR EYES? GRAB THIS LIMITED TIME FREE BEST-SELLER GIVEAWAY! Eyes are the window to your soul. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and reacts differently from areas in other other parts of the body. Agree? Then let’s explore the skin around the eye. The skin that covers the eyes is that […]

Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Naturally

GRAB THIS FREE GIVEAWAY! IT IS TIME-SENSITIVE SO TAKE ACTION NOW! Are you tired of using the hyped-products with all tall claims of reversing hair loss? Then you’ve already found the answer! You want to go for it naturally. Read on to find out some of the most effective ways to stop hair loss and […]

Fitness Mantra

Everybody these days is hard pressed for time, so much that you would love if somebody actually invented a device that let you check your mails, post your tweets or blogs while you were sleeping. A beauty sleep of eight hours is actually a fable now. The world we live in is getting busier by […]

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