beautyfood1Your skin’s health depicts the overall status of your body. If your skin is glowing and has an extra blush on the cheeks, this indicates a good overall health of your body. The skin simply reflects the status of your health. An unhealthy person would be having a yellowish to pale complexion and certain dullness. This shows the condition when a person is not having proper foods in the diet. Your diet should contain foods that are healthy. The key to a good and healthy skin is a good diet plan which would fulfill the deficiencies in the body, leaving the skin glowing and healthy. The three foods that would change your life if you consume them are citrus fruits, almonds and milk.

Citrus fruits:

Citrus fruits are abundant in vitamin C and the best source to get it. Our body doesn’t produce vitamin C so it has to be taken from other sources. Vitamin C enables you to combat against wrinkles and fine lines that are developed by exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Ultra violet rays from the sun damages your skin tissues and makes it excessively dry. With this dryness your skin develops wrinkles and fine lines. If you want to look young and beautiful, you need to avoid going in the sun often. Whenever you expose yourself to the sun, make sure you take a good amount of vitamin C so that your skin can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Make a habit of wearing sun glasses and carrying an umbrella with you.


Almonds are very essential food for skin and eyes. They provide nourishment to the skin making it soft and smooth. Your skin needs moisture to remain hydrated so that it doesn’t look dull and dry. If almonds are used on a regular basis then it would certainly give your skin a very healthy and glowing look. Almond oil is very good to use for skin care purposes. It keeps the skin silky and smooth. Take almond oil and massage it on your face for a few minutes then later on wash it off. It would give tremendous results in days.


This white fluid is a great source of getting calcium for the skin. Milk is very essential for the nourishment of the skin. You must’ve experienced white spots in your nails and even your face. They indicate that your body is not getting enough calcium. Sometimes these white spots turn into white patches on your face which means that your skin is deficient in calcium intake. Milk is the best source of getting calcium. One glass of milk a day should be made compulsory. Your body needs milk for other purposes as well but it is the best fluid after water for your skin. It enhances the complexion of your skin and makes it look healthy.

Then there are other beauty foods like omega-3 oils which help in restoring vitality and regaining healthy, glowing skin. Beans (high in zinc) and eggs, garlic and onions (high in sulfur) all deliver specific benefits for the skin at a fraction the cost of the same ingredients when present in the tiny quantities provided in specially-formulated skincare products.

If you’ve noticed¬†the things we are advised to eat for beautiful skin — fresh fruits, a variety of vegetables, oily fish like sardines and salmon, plus beans, eggs, and good hydration — are also basic to being healthy and having abundant energy. There is nothing surprising about that. The skin is one of the organs of the body (actually, the largest) and it has similar needs as the rest of the organs. Like the rest of the body, it needs to be protected from free radicals and inflammation, and to be provided the basic building blocks that enable it to create new, healthy cells.

It helps the skin when we make sure we are eating a diet rich in skin-friendly ingredients.

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