Many marketers shrug off the use of Safelist to promote their product or service. Their thought being that nobody on the list really reads that stuff. They are also afraid that their email box will be filled with thousands of offers daily from other advertisers on the safelist.

Both of these thoughts are partially true. Most people who sign up for safelist are smart enough to have a email address that they use only to receive mail from safelist. It is true that they never see 99.9% of the mail sent to them from these list. However, in order to do this they must go to that mailbox every few days and delete all the messages. They must do this so their mail does not bounce which will get them kicked off the list. So there is a very good chance that they will see the first twenty five or so messages on each page as they go though and delete.

Now if your message happens to be close to the top of a page there is a very good chance that it will be seen. You can improve the odds of this by coming up with some killer headlines to use
in these messages. Headlines that are shocking. Headlines that ask a question that must be answered. Headlines that demand further investigation. Some safelist allow you to personalize
the advertisement. Be sure to personalize the headline also with the firstname tag.

Some may still argue that this method is no good because it only works for ads at the top of the list. This statement would be true if you were only sending your ad to a few thousand people.
Most of the major safelist mail out to millions of people. Therefore the chance of your ad ending up in the top twenty on a few thousand pages is pretty good. With the right eye catching
headline you may be amazed at the results.

For the small amount of time that it takes to do each mailing it is well worth the effort. You can find safelist by doing a simple search. Many have a free service with a paid upgrade that allows
you to mail more frequently to more people. Make sure that the list is reputable and requires a double opt in.

Most list will require you to give them a contact email address and a list email address. I recommend that you get two gmail accounts to use for this purpose. Use one just as your contact address use the other for your list address. Always use your list address if they only ask for one.

Safelist can be an effective and useful method to advertise your product or service. By using two mailboxes you eliminate the concern of mass emails to your main inbox. Chances are good that
your ad will be seen, and better if you use a really good headline. Some really great safelist can be found by doing a simple web search.

When I started using safelists, I thought safelists took way too much time. Setting up email accounts, folders and so on and so on. Then all the extra steps to get those so needed credits.

But now I discovered this amazing software that brings everything together. I’ve learnt how to work smarter. The Genie does all my work and helps my list grow.. and my safelist performance is getting better each day!

So exactly what does the Safelist Genie do? It works hard for you and helps you save time.

Here they are in brief:

– Organize All Your Safelist Accounts;
– Grab and Read Credit Emails;
– Send Your Credit Mails with Just One Click;
– Track Safelist Performance;
– Submit Banners and Text Ads;
– Keep Track Of Your Credits, Referrals, Cash, Next Mailing Time;
– Build Your Downlines!
– All within the software!