Downline builder programs especially free ones have become all the rage on the Internet over the last couple of years. They are used to bring people into one or more marketing programs. 

But what are the ways to build dowlines? There are a lot of ways to do some recruiting of people to get into your network. Just you need to find the best strategies to get you started.

We will start off with article marketing. Using article marketing can boost your online image. Other marketers will recognize you as an expert. Writing about helpful and useful topics full of content will help others find what they are looking for. Using the author signature at the bottom of your article will direct readers to your website. If you write enough articles such as 5 per day for a few months, you will have a thousand people reading your articles every day, and you will have tons of visitors to your website.

Forum marketing can also have others see you as an expert. Posting threads and answering questions can help others and drive visitors to your website through your forum signature. If you choose 5 of your favorite forums and post to them daily, you will start seeing a following.

You can use free classifieds to promote your website. There are thousands upon thousands of free classified sites on the internet. But which ones do you choose to post in? My experience with posting in classified sites is to choose upon the most popular, or the ones with the most traffic. I go to alexa and search for classified websites and pick the top 100. Posting daily to these sites will produce some nice traffic to your website.

Social networks are powerful places to market for free on the internet. Social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Direct Matches, Hi5, and Giblink are just a few networks with millions of people looking to network with other marketers. The main thing to do here is to use My Story Marketing and have people get to know you and become friends. Then later on you can market to your friends in these networks. Do this daily and you will form hundreds and thousands of friendships.

The one method I use that many may not know about or just don’t use is viral list builder sites. Sites like Viralurl, Top Viral Mailers, List Joe, and List Bandit, you can send a solo ad out to thousands of members every week for free. With this method you can upgrade and use the mailer more often, but for a free method it is great.

These are only a few of the thousands of free methods of driving traffic to your website. If you use these methods on a consistent and daily basis, you will see awesome results.