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If you sincerely devote yourself to getting fit, you will be rewarded with flat abs. Experts agree that the combination of a healthful, nutritious diet and cardiovascular exercise are needed to train your abdominal muscles. But did you know that there is one of the deleterious ingredients that is actually keeping you from burning the unwanted belly fat?

Here’s an article by Wesley Virgin, the pioneer of 7 Day Fitness – Proven Weight Loss Plan. Read on to find out what he is talking about..

Did you know there are a few DAMAGING ingredients that is keeping the majority of the population fat on PURPOSE? There are actually many but this 1 is in the top 5!!

Take my friend Monica, she is a mom, over the age of 40, goes to the gym, eats fairly healthy, but the number on the scale kills her morning motivation right before work.

Why is this happening?

I believe that most of us are really committed when we begin a workout regimen.. I mean we do everything right, avoid late night cravings, eat unseasoned food and even avoid wine, liquor and beer just to make sure the fat comes off..

But tell me…

what happens every single time that pisses us off.. Think about it?

Even if you lose a few pounds you tend to gain it right back if not more.. Right?

I mean my friend Monica lost 10lbs in the first 14 days using a simple technique. She has never lost this much weight since her high-school days.. But the unfortunate thing happened on Day 31, which I think happens to most of us, even yourself.

Even though she did not change her diet, she did not change her workout routine and she even avoided her favorite evening wine Muscato for an additional 18 days just to ensure and guarantee the scale continued to take a nose dive.

But guess what happened!!!??

She gained 7 lbs!! She was furious! I remember getting the email feeling her frustration and her extreme disappointment… And she wrote, why did I gain more weight when I did not change anything?!! Is it muscle???

Why after all my hard work, effort and sacrifice did I gain 7 more pounds!!!

I pondered for a second and I had an aha moment myself!! I said.. Wow!! This is common problem that I think most of us face…

So I decided not just to answer her but I wrote a book and included a full chapter on, “Why over 90% of the population gain weight even when they are doing the right thing!! Now after I replied to her email, it was a aha moment for her!!! After checking her gmail and reading the first 2 sentences it literally changed her life, physique and her weight loss was consistent for a full 30 days. She lost over 30 lbs in 1 month! She was flabbergasted, I could almost feel her emotion and see her tears from the new dress she wore at a party with her girlfriend the night before…

To say the least she was happy…   So many are like Monica who read medical journals, Women and Health magazines, fitness articles and almost giving up by going to weight loss centers to schedule their first round of lipo….

But she did this one thing that did not COST HER A DIME!!

So Wesley what was it?

What did she do?

Well my friend she avoided MSG… This is the one of the most insidious ingredients that is the primary cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes in Americans, Europeans, Canadians and other mis informed cultures around the world. What is MSG? MSG is mono sodium glutamate. Wesley could you break it down in layman terms..


MSG is artificial man made salt…

The next time you visit your super market, fast food restaurant, Chinese buffet or even a palatable meal at a fine restaurant, look or ask for the ingredient mono sodium glutamate.. Ask what’s in the food!!! By law they have to respond and disclose the ingredients in your food…   This ingredient is a drug which makes food taste better, and it also has an addictive agent, which is the reason why we crave food and can’t eat just one chip!!   You know what I am talking about…

Have you ever had a bag of Doritos? We all have…


Do you think you could purchase a bag of chips and just eat 1? Hell No!!   There is a very good reason for this, the MSG agent makes the chip ten times more tastier. It magnifies the taste so much that your taste buds are overwhelmed and immediately craves another chip.   But the same MSG superficial salt agent overwhelms the body because of its acidic cofactors, and starts to store fat, triglycerides, cholesterol and other body fattening chemicals which causes our body to store fat, increases constipation, causes body aches and pains, causes extreme sluggishness and lethargic behavior which kills your motivation to do anything.. Basically you just want to lay down and sleep after the bag or meal is done..LOL   I know this sounds scary!!   You might say Wesley I think I have been eating MSG for the past 40 years.. But I didn’t know!!

Guess what Monica didn’t either… But something magical happened to Monica after she watched this short video here which explain why she was gaining so much weight, even if she would eat the right foods.. After learning and applying what seemed to be so simple, she lost over 2 pants sizes in the first 7 days using this blueprint her older sister told her about.

She was shocked because she still lost inches after secretly taking 3 cheat days. If you want to know about what she did and the doctors that stand behind it.. Watch the short video here.