Everybody wants to know how to make money online. There are many different ways to make money online and one of them is to get paid for your Tweets on Twitter.

If you don’t know what a Tweet is or what Twitter is here’s a quick explanation. Twitter is a social network where people write a short message about anything they feel like talking about. The message is called a Tweet. You have a list of followers that can view your Tweet every time you post one. Also for everybody you follow you view there Tweets.

So your probably wondering how to make money online with Twitter. Well there are companies out there that will pay you for Tweeting for them. Some will pay you per click on the Tweets and some will pay you a certain price for your Tweet.

Here’s a example of getting paid per click. Let’s say you have a Twitter account with 1000 followers. You sign up to advertise a companies product and they will pay you for every click on that Tweet. Usually you get around.05 to.10 cents per click. Now that doesn’t seem like a lot but it only takes a few seconds to post your Tweet and it costs you nothing. Now with 1000 followers they will all see your Tweet and so will there followers. So that ad can potentially be seen by thousands of people and if they click your Tweet you get paid.

Now another way is to set your own price you want to get paid for your Tweet. What you do is set up a account at a company that offers this. Once you do you set the price you want to get paid and wait for companies to contact you to use your Twitter account. An example would be you have a Twitter account with 1000 followers. This usually gets you about $1 for your Tweet. As soon as someone contacts you you Tweet their offer and once it’s public you get paid.

So you see their are different ways to use your Twitter account to make money online. The best thing about these ways are that they are free and only take seconds to do.

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