Turbulence Training is a program created by Craig Ballantyne, who is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. The plan is designed to enable you to loose fat and gain muscle without cardio and it uses three short but intense workouts per week. You will never hit a plateau on this program because it keeps changing up so you will get a rapid muscle growth.

Turbulence Training

Research has shown that this kind of program will provide a better way to build muscle and lose fat than other programs. This is high intensity training combined with heavier weights and it works better than cardio and other programs. For example you can exercise 3 times per week for 45 minutes and gain muscle while losing fat. The program includes a warm up exercise that you do for 5 minutes followed by strength training of 15-20 minutes and then interval trading of 15-20 minutes as well.

These workouts are typically shorter and less frequent than other programs but the intensity is high. They make you do more in less time and you’ll know that you have had a real workout at the end of things. High difficlty, shorter, less frequent workouts that will leave you ripped.

Turbulence Training will not bore you with repetition, it is always changing up. A lot of people start fat loss programs with enthusiasm but stop doing it after a while because they just can do the same thing over and over again. With Turbulence Training you will change routines once a month and never be bored You will do the same exercise only 12 times before changing. This will not allow your body to adapt and thus halt your progress.

Turbulence Training

What You Get When You Purchase TurbulenceTraining

You will get both PDF and mp3 versions of the program, The Dumbell and Bodyweight Fusion Manual, The Chris Mohr Nutrition guide, “20 Minute Workouts For The World’s Busiest Dads!”, Total Body Transformation Secrets, Turbulence Training For Mass (Muscle Building).

This workout system comes with a nutrition plan and as you may have noticed this program is for people who are looking to build some serious muscle, its oriented more towards the combination of fat loss and muscle gain.

45 minutes 3 times per week is not a huge commitment for the gains you will make. This will help you around your busy schedule and allow you to make the weight loss and muscle gains that you want.

Learn more about high intensity interval training: Turbulance Training. You can reach your fitness goals. Get the full details:

Turbulence Training