Did you see an Advertisement in the web that says “Social Media Managers Needed”? And you do not know how to start your online Social media business and how to apply to these kinds of jobs.

You started to search in this field. Found some online marketers success stories. Shocked when you see big numbers they have achieved. How can such business lead you to six figures very easy within one year? I will help you and put you in the beginning of the road to success. And give you little push to start.

You have to know that every Business owner needs more customers. As also he knows that word of mouth is the best marketing method. He turns to try social media advertising to drive more customers. He did not have time or experience to do such thing. So he thought about hiring someone to run his online advertisements. And promote those offers and products for him.

How to Start Social media Business?

1- Nice full equipped desk with laptop, internet, pen and papers. Make full commitment to your new job. Deal with it as full time job not part time.

2- Understand the difference between social media marketing channels. You must know that Facebook is different from Twitter and other social networks.

3- Build Relationships. Social media is not about posting and tweeting all the day only. It is about build relationship and trust between you and your customer. As real life building relationships may take some time. Do not give up early. Let it take some time.

4- Understand your brand. If you are going to post about any product you need to fully understand it. Also you need to show your customers that your product or service can solve their problems.

5- Detailed business plan. Hold your pen and papers and start to think about full detailed business plan. Do not let anything to happen by chance. Think about website design, articles, blogs and how you will drive traffic to your content through PPC, Facebook or SEO.

6- Negative comments are not bad. But it may be your chance to turn it to powerful selling force. Social media is not about tweeting but about interacting with each other. Be creative  – to hold any dispute or negative review is a keystone to your online success.

7- Branding yourself is your primary reason for you to take this job. Knowing this job will help you to find more jobs. This adds a personal experience to your profile. Working hard to achieve brilliant results with small companies will make you reach big ones with big salary.

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