If you’ve been an Internet marketer even for a while, you should know the importance of targeted traffic. Unless you have a consistent and reliable flow of visitors to your website, you aren’t going to be able to find success. If your video goes viral or gets popular, you’ll have more targeted traffic for your website than you know what to do with. So then the question that needs answering is how do you drive traffic to your videos?

I’m sure you have heard of YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine after Google. Video marketing is one of the biggest marketing tools right now which is evident from the one million viewers YouTube gets each day. But how can YouTube drive traffic to your site? It’s very simple.

1. Make a video to promote your product or site. You can make a simple video using a slideshow with photo editing software, video editing software or PowerPoint. Use about 5-7 photos or slides to keep the videos short. If they are too long you could lose your audience. The photos should relate to the item you are promoting and they should make sense.

2. Put the benefits of the product or site in the video. The benefits should be relevant to your target market group. These should be short phrases or even just one sentence spanned out across all slides. You want to capture their attention.

3. When you upload your video to YouTube use the main keyword in the title of your video.

4. The link to the product or site you are promoting should be in the description box with a short description. The description can be as short as one sentence. It can be a call to action like click here. YouTube does allow a link in the description box which automatically gets hyperlinked so it’s a good idea to use a URL shortener such as bit.ly.

5. Use about 6-10 keywords in the tags line. Google AdWords Keyword tool is a great tool to use when doing keyword research to find keywords that people are using when conducting searches. This is important for people to find your video in the search engine.

6. Keep uploading new videos with links that trackback to your product or site. YouTube does not allow you to upload the exact same video more than once. You can alter the same video and submit it again. You can change the order of the pictures, or change the text and change the title. Try to include the link in your video as well.

A quick little tip is after you have uploaded your video, save the information and check to make sure it’s working click the “like” button. If someone has already liked your video another person is more likely to “like” it as well.

That’s it, it’s that simple. So get started making your videos and making money by driving traffic to your site.

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