An email autoresponder is the secret to successful online marketing. A professional network marketer knows this.

If you are new to online marketing and do not know what an email autoresponder is, I know how you feel. Internet marketing is a simple concept with a thousand tools, techniques, concepts, and psychologies hiding under the surface.

The autoresponder is absolutely crucial to your business for one simple reason: it is the single best method of keeping in constant contact with your customers and potential customers. Nothing else on the Internet today even comes close.

Perhaps you have heard the popular mantra, the money is in the list. The reason everyone says this is if you maintain a huge customer list, you can send a special offer or announcement to your list, and immediately make a bunch of money.

So here is the point: the email autoresponder is the best way to maintain your customer list. When you want to contact everyone on your list, you send a single email to your autoresponder. Imagine sending one email to 10,000 — 100,000 – or even a million customers at the push of a button.

Here are the various ways how you can go about building your list.

Before you make a list on your Internet Marketing, you have a lot of aspirations about it. You want the list to draw in many subscribers. You want all the subscribers to be very responsive. To draw in subscribers, you need to make your list very relevant. You should also try to make it very interactive so that the responsiveness of the subscribers is high. The thing that makes you money is the responsiveness of the subscribers therefore it should not be neglected at any cost. Even if you have an unresponsive vast subscriber list you will not earn much.

You can use various list building techniques. One way you can go about building your list is by using a very catchy headline and writing irresistible articles one after the other. This way you will have all your subscribers glued to your list. You should also send them out to publishers and directories. The tricky part is to build a strong publisher base. Once you establish a good publisher base all your articles will be followed by millions of people all over the world. The single biggest factor for building up your list is writing articles that will attract viewers.

Another technique you may use to draw in viewers is by creating a separate sales page and a separate capture page. Then you can redirect all the first timers to your capture page rather than your sales page. You should try to make your capture page very enterprising and try to catch the attention of the subscribers. Substantial traffic on the capture page will eventually translate into a vast subscriber list.

You can also go for joint ventures. Joint ventures with other famous writers will result in a colossal number of sign ups. If the joint venture works you may even look to make it a monthly event. After this you might just write some articles on your own.

You may even consider creating some free membership sites. If you can put proper stress on the word “free” while marketing, subscribers will be tempted to sign up. You can keep it accessible to all non-members’ area. This area should be very appealing indeed because this acts as a prelude to the actual content of the site. You should also have some special sections in your sites for members. You should try not to ask for their personal information because many subscribers will back out because they might fear their privacy will be compromised if they give out their personal information.

You can issue contests because that is a very good way of gaining access to the email addresses of the subscribers. You may even organize a contest area and keep a daily contest. Consider giving away perks to the winner of such contests. This will lead to a lot of traffic and potential subscribers.

Finally you can try out the word of mouth publicity. You can tell all your friends who in turn will tell all their friends and so on the chain goes. Word of mouth can accomplish amazing results way beyond expectations.