$1.25 Feeder Program Get Paid To Generate Leads For Your Business


The Free Tool Box (FTB) is the perfect feeder program which gets you started with only 5 quarters!

This is the only program I have come across which helps one get started in business with one-time investment of as low as $1.25.

FTB is gaining high popularity because of its unique features.

  • Make money and generate business
  • If you have a primary program that has higher starting point, you can use FTB as the feeder program where you can ask your prospects to start with as low as $1.25 and then introduce them to your primary program. Eventually, your prospects too can start building their business by following the same system.
  • Promote FTB as your primary program. When you promote FTB, you don’t have to worry whether your prospects will join because of its low cost of entry (you just have to make sure that you give them straight facts and tell them about the benefits of this program).
  • Informational videos and Support tools to equip a new marketer towards becoming a skilled professional.

So if you are not a member of FTB, I invite you to join my team. Click here to get started.