Dance and music are not only forms of art, but they are your way to good health and happiness.

There are various kinds of dance forms, but you need to find out what amuses you and which form of dance interests you the most, and you fill find developing a passion towards it.

Listed below are the primary benefits of dancing:

1. Dropping calories and toning down your body

As you dance with vigor, you are exercising the parts of your body, and this helps you to burn calories and drop a few pounds. Let’s just say dance is the best workout.

It is imperative to hydrate yourself time and again, and keep drinking water as you perspire from the vigorous dancing.

Make it your passion, and dance regularly, and you will be surprised to see how many pounds you have actually dropped!

2. Movement Skills & Coordination

Dancing is nothing but grooving and moving in co-ordination with the music. Hence while dancing you begin to develop and nurture movement skills as well as good co-ordination. More often than not models, actors and people in the glamour industry incorporate dance forms in their workout routine because this helps them on screen as well as on the runway. Dancing makes you more agile, flexible and more graceful as well.

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3. The perfect stress buster

Dancing is the perfect stress buster because when you are dancing, it is just your body and the music and you can shut the world out. You don’t need to go out of the way, you can just put on some beats and dance while vacuum cleaning or in the shower after a long stressful day of work and you will feel fresh and vibrant after that.

4. Helps our Brain

Various dance forms require a lot of co-ordination and attentiveness which have various benefits for the brain. It does not only improve memory by attempting to memorize the steps, but also keeps the brain alert and attentive.

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5. Toughens up & Tones our Body

The majority of muscles in our body are forced to work during dance. Consequently, they tighten up with continuous dancing and help in giving you a perfect toned body. However, keep in mind that muscles which aren’t used waste away. Hence make sure to get the volume high and dance for minimum of half an hour before hitting the bed.

6. Confidence booster

People can be shy, have stage fright and may have persisting self-doubt and hence will never be able to perform in front of an audience. Dance and repeated dance practices will be a confidence booster because you will ace your dance moves. If you are scared or apprehensive, you can take private lessons and perform during small gatherings or family functions.

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7. A great platform to connect with others

Dancing helps in connecting with new likeminded individuals who have equal passion for music, which helps in making new friends. Besides this, happiness toughens up the immune system for a better health.

8. A good hobby

If you don’t have a hobby and you are lethargic and bored, you tend to eat a lot of carbs and sugar, or even go into depression so in your free time, you can just dance at home as a hobby. You don’t even need to be alone, you can find people with similar interests and call them over and dance together. You can even do this with your spouse and dance on slow music.

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9. Keeps you healthy

Helps in Preventing Diseases & Medical Conditions

Dancing increases your heart rate and increases blood circulation which prevents diseases and medical conditions in your body.

Dance does not only increase heart rate but also helps eliminate toxins from your body and it de-stresses you. Hence, keeping you healthy- physically as well as emotionally!

Just make sure that you don’t have any medical condition which will aggravate with dancing.

So get your groove on..this is the easiest and fun way to lose belly fat fast!