Diabetes is gripping the world population at a pace beyond control. There is little explanation on the reasons for this trend. Diabetes can be controlled and even eliminated provided a proper daily routine is followed for diet and exercise. We are naturally drawn to alternative healing and home remedies when it comes to treatment of the disease doing away with clinical procedures to the extent possible without damaging our immune system. I am sharing with you an article by Ashi Jas on the 10 Best Home Remedies for Diabetes. I have found them very useful. Please like this post or leave a comment with your feedback on what you think.

10 Best Home Remedies for Diabetes

By Ashi Jas

This article is dedicated to the Best Home Remedies for Diabetes. First of all let me tell you what is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism the way our bodies use digested food for development and energy. It is widely accepted as one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. It is connected with long-term complications that affect almost every part of the body. It is a chronic and progressive ailment that has an impact upon almost every part of life. Diabetes grows when the body can’t use glucose properly

Insulin is a hormone that is essential to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy. Insulin permits glucose to move from the blood into liver, muscle, and fat cells, where it is used for fuel. In diabetes, the immune system molests and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. When type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, the pancreas is frequently producing enough insulin, but for unidentified reasons the body cannot use the insulin effectively, a condition called insulin resistance.

Type of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

The body stops producing insulin or produces too little insulin to regulate blood glucose level. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body’s own immune system destroys theinsulin-producing cells of the pancreas (called beta cells).

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness. Type 1 diabetes grows most often in children but can occur at any age.

Type 1 diabetes comprises about 10% of total cases of diabetes in the United States. Type 1 diabetes is typically recognized in childhood or adolescence and can occur in an older individual due to destruction of pancreas by alcohol, disease, or removal by surgery or progressive failure of pancreatic beta cells, which produce insulin.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is gradually more being diagnosed in children and adolescents. Type 2 diabetes is more ordinary in older people, particularly in people who are overweight, and happens more often in African Americans, American Indians, some Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islander Americans, and Hispanics/Latinos.

The pancreas secretes insulin, but the body is partially or completely not capable to use the insulin. Type 2 diabetes is classically recognized in adulthood, generally after age 45 years. Type 2 diabetes is usually controlled with diet, weight loss, exercise, and oral medications.

Here is a list of some best Home Remedies for Diabetes:-

Home Remedies for Diabetes

1) Most effective Home Remedy for Diabetes is Bitter gourd and proved helpful in controlling diabetes. For better results, the diabetic should take the juice of about four or five Bitter gourds each morning on an empty stomach.

2) Take juice of bilva and parijataka leaves in identical parts for natural remedy of diabetes.

3) Indian gooseberry, with its high vitamin C content, is measured important in diabetes. A tablespoon of its juice, mixed with a cup of bitter gourd juice, taken daily for two months, will rouse the islets of Langerhans, that is, the remote group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin in the pancreas. This mixture diminishes the blood sugar in diabetes. This is another effective Home Remedy for Diabetes.

4) The seeds of parslane are helpful in diabetes. A teaspoon of the seeds should be taken each day with half a cup of water for four to five months. It will boost the body’s own insulin and help in curing diabetes.

5) Including grapefruit in the diet is an outstanding natural home remedy for diabetes.

6) Take two teaspoons of powdered Fenugreek seeds with milk. Two teaspoons of the seeds can also be consumed whole, every day.

7) The tender leaves of the mango tree are considered as good Home Remedy for Diabetes. An infusion is made by soaking 15 gm of fresh leaves in 250 ml of water overnight, and squeeze them well in the water. This filtrate should be taken every morning to handle early diabetes. As an option, the leaves should be dried in the shade, powdered and preserved for use when needed. Half a teaspoon of this powder should be taken two times a day.

8) The juice of Margosa is a cooperative natural home remedy for diabetes.

9) String bean pod tea is a superb natural Home Remedy for Diabetes and can be substituted for insulin.

10) Eat 10 fresh fully full-fledged curry leaves each morning for three months. It avoids diabetes due to genetic or heredity factors.

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